Jason & Katie Arbuthnot

Jason and Katie have been attending FBCS as a family since 2009. Prior to that, Jason attended as a young man with his parents, who are missionaries we support, Curtis and Deb Arbuthnot. Due to the Christian influence in his home, Jason grew up learning of the Lord’s love and accepted Jesus as his savior as a youth.  Katie was taught things about Christ growing up, but didn’t really develop her own personal relationship until she was about 12.

Jason and Katie wanted to find a church that felt like family; a place where they could serve in various ministries, and be discipled by older Godly men and women in the church.  After visiting several times, they knew FBCS was the right fit for their family.

Jason partners with his father-in-law to run a family plumbing and heating business.  Katie is a homemaker and home schooled their 4 children.

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